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About Us

A new unique club in the centre of Moscow city is focused on high-quality personal and group classes guided by the best professionals in the city, accomplished athletes and successful trainers.

Rent in Red Stone
The club focused not only on providing group or personal training programs for all visitors but also on providing the gym rent with all needed training equipment.

Making video, conducting sport events, your personal or group classes – all of these activities can be carried out in a new format in one of the most comfortable Fitness clubs in Moscow – Red Stone Fitness

Training classes in Red Stone
The gym is equipped with modern training machines and everything required for crossfit, functional, strength, cycling, yoga, interval and many other trainings. Additionally there is an area for combat sports in the club with ring, boxing bags, pneumatic unit and many other special devices for those who wants to practice in combat sports or have chosen it as a form of fitness load.

What makes Red Stone Fitness space different from any other fitness clubs?
First of all, Red Stone is a fitness space, where each trainer of group or personal boxing, functional or interval training, TRX, and many others, can make work out with their trainees at any convenient for them time.

So what is needed to rent a gym in Red Stone?
To rent a gym, you just need to leave an application on the website or call the club +7(495)151-15-51, in order to have the gym booked by the manager of the club for the time convenient for you.

How long my rent-workout will last?
There are no time limitations of your training. There is no hourly gym rent in Red Stone. If for conducting the well-worked training with one person you need one, two, or maybe three hours, you are welcomeу to use it. Moreover, the rental price will be not changed..

Does it require to be Red Stone trainer to be able to rent a gym?
We change the stereotypes of training n Red Stone. Each trainer is a brand, a person, whom people follow to go to other gyms and we do not want to hinder from it, and on the contrary, we are ready to fully support your efforts. That is why you do not need to become our regular trainer, unless, of course, you want it.

Gym rent #notonlysport
It is possible to rent the club not only for training! You can rent a gym for your events, as well as for photo and video shooting. To do this, you need to contact the club manager for discussing the possibility of gym renting for your event. The club manager will provide all the necessary information on gym renting.


We are professionals and real enthusiasts of our job. We believe and know that the sport is a fundamental part of everyone’s life who wants to live it fully and with pleasure, who appreciates and admire own body, who ready to develop and train really valuable self internals: strong character, stable nervous system, appropriate intellectual values.

In our team there are only those who have been proved by sports and have reached significant heights, who have high training qualification and are ready to become faithful partner, leader and instructor on the way to the health and sports achievements.

Alexander Pyzhov

Fitness, Stretching, Functional Training, TRX

Lena Ustimenko

Functional Training, TRX, Cycle

Mark Davydov

Thai boxing, functional training

Polina Syrovatskaya

Functional training

Andrey Pridorozhny

Thai boxing

Contact us

+7 (495) 151-15-51

Working hours: 
Weekdays from 7:00 till 23:00
Weekends from 9:00 till 22:00

Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, Building 3.
Red Stone Fitness


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Мы ориентированы на персональные и групповые занятия под руководством лучших профессионалов города – состоявшихся спортсменов и успешных тренеров – по основным направлениям: бокс, детский бокс, женский бокс, тайский бокс, кроссфит, Interval, Functional, PowerCore. Да, у нас есть тренажеры – современные, функциональные и в достаточном количестве, чтоб заниматься силовым тренингом самостоятельно или под руководством тренера.
Помимо этого, в клубе – зона единоборств с рингом, мешками, пневматикой и множеством специального инвентаря для тех, кто хочет заниматься единоборствами или выбрал их в качестве формы фитнес-нагрузки. Зона для занятий кроссфитом и функциональных тренировок со всем необходимым оборудованием, в т.ч., кроссфит-станцией, свободными весами и кучей других «приятных» мелочей.
Мы любим свою работу и умеем увлекать так, что спорт быстро становится частью вашей жизни.