«Face-to-face» with Igor Vysotsky - Red Stone

Next Saturday, on January 27th, 2018 as part of traditional meetings of fans with the stars of Soviet boxing, the guest of our club will be the famous Igor Vysotsky, the star of heavyweight of seventies, having become a truly national hero, about whom legends are composed within his lifetime and people ascribed to him the qualities of superman, describing in details his victories over great opponents both in the ring and out of it. The trainee of the Magadan boxing school, which such stars as Lebzyak, Rybakov, Yakovlev, Korobov and others were graduated from, really admired the public not only with his fearlessness and charisma, but also with a powerful knockout punch.

Vysotsky being the USSR champion in 1978, in the Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing, exercised his talent in the ring, where he did not get lost, but made a famous name. Just take his victories over the greatest Cuban Teofilo Stevenson, moreover the one was by knockout, impressive fights in absolute category, the defeat of Americans in traditional USSR-USA match meetings .

In nineties, promoters wanted to organize a fight between Igor Vysotsky and Mike Tyson, considering the professional style of Igor Yakovlevich, even in the amateur ring. This project has remained a dream. But nevertheless the fortune gave Vysotsky unforgettable rounds of the fight with Mohammed Ali, the world champion among professionals, when he came to visit the USSR.

You will learn all details and nuances of the biography of the legend of Soviet ring at the meeting, which will be traditionally held at the address: Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, Building 3. Entrance is free. The person asking the best question will be awarded with star autographed gloves. The presenter is Aleksey Gusev.

The opening of the meeting is at 17:00

Мы ориентированы на персональные и групповые занятия под руководством лучших профессионалов города – состоявшихся спортсменов и успешных тренеров – по основным направлениям: бокс, детский бокс, женский бокс, тайский бокс, кроссфит, Interval, Functional, PowerCore. Да, у нас есть тренажеры – современные, функциональные и в достаточном количестве, чтоб заниматься силовым тренингом самостоятельно или под руководством тренера.
Помимо этого, в клубе – зона единоборств с рингом, мешками, пневматикой и множеством специального инвентаря для тех, кто хочет заниматься единоборствами или выбрал их в качестве формы фитнес-нагрузки. Зона для занятий кроссфитом и функциональных тренировок со всем необходимым оборудованием, в т.ч., кроссфит-станцией, свободными весами и кучей других «приятных» мелочей.
Мы любим свою работу и умеем увлекать так, что спорт быстро становится частью вашей жизни.