Report from the master class of Andrei Shkalikov - Red Stone

On Sunday, October 22, there was a meeting held with the star of the Soviet boxing school, Andrei Shkalikov.
Andrei is one of the pioneers of the professional ring of Russia.

After finishing his career as an amateur boxer, he got into professional boxing, simply stepped into unknown, but despite the difficulties and trials, he was able to successfully start and sign an agreement with Acarias brothers, the famous French promoters , who were able to organize him rating and championship fights in 1990s. The trainee of the Soviet boxing school, he was able to supplement his arsenal with the techniques used by the best professional fighters of the world ring, and willingly shared his knowledge, introduced the features of high-quality warm-ups to master-class participants, as well as speed boxing punch mitt workout. Andrei has 66 professional fights, two titles of European champion among professionals, as well as fights with World ranking first number boxers.

This huge experience, as well as work as a trainer and promoter, helped Andrei Shkalikov to develop creative learning material of boxing art. The event was attended by active fighters and coaches, such as well-known Moscow specialist Vladimir Fleishgauer, known by his victories over Ruslan Provodnikov and Olympic champion Bakhtiyar Artayev.
He personally thanked Andrew for the master class and expressed the hope that the cooperation will be continued.


Мы ориентированы на персональные и групповые занятия под руководством лучших профессионалов города – состоявшихся спортсменов и успешных тренеров – по основным направлениям: бокс, детский бокс, женский бокс, тайский бокс, кроссфит, Interval, Functional, PowerCore. Да, у нас есть тренажеры – современные, функциональные и в достаточном количестве, чтоб заниматься силовым тренингом самостоятельно или под руководством тренера.
Помимо этого, в клубе – зона единоборств с рингом, мешками, пневматикой и множеством специального инвентаря для тех, кто хочет заниматься единоборствами или выбрал их в качестве формы фитнес-нагрузки. Зона для занятий кроссфитом и функциональных тренировок со всем необходимым оборудованием, в т.ч., кроссфит-станцией, свободными весами и кучей других «приятных» мелочей.
Мы любим свою работу и умеем увлекать так, что спорт быстро становится частью вашей жизни.